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The Moon: 18

The Moon - RiderWaite








The Moon sits quietly in the night sky doing it’s thing, reflecting the light from our Sun to give us light in the darkness.

We underestimate the effect it has on our ordinary everyday lives, as it affects the oceans around us pushing and pulling the mighty body of water on our home, the Earth. This phenomenon mostly goes unnoticed yet is just as powerful in you and me, stirring up emotions of past hurts and pains from our subconscious memory.

Some of the terms used to describe effects at the full moon for instance are moon madness, ‘lunacy’, an over abundance of mental activity – howling at the moon. Paramedics, hospital waiting rooms and doctors all know the time of the full Moon and prepare for it!

As the light from the Sun reflects from the Moon, another person or relationship may reflect good and bad qualities back to us, mirrors to our inner life. Underlying currents of emotion rise from the subconscious affecting us in a myriad ways in the form of inner tensions. Perhaps attitudes of self defence, quickness to anger and in seconds or eventually, leaves you holding bag “why did I react this way, why did I do that? That’s not who I am!

The Moon affects our inner tide as it does the outer; gently tugging inner hidden forces, directing us to be more aware or to let go of what we are holding onto.


Learned fear is an aspect of the Moon card which has no proper place in our living life.

Watching a scary movie activates these fears, is something hiding under the bed? – walking at night fearing the shapes in the shadows, creating scary images that generate thoughts of danger – all learned fears.

What is obstructing us from moving on, from our fear based emotions to movement to action, and knowing the simple good! These are aspects of the Moon card active in our reality, inside and out.

It also represents a time of beginnings of psychic activity and being able to see beyond appearances, blessings of sensitivity, and the Great Mother in us, nurturing, compassion and forgiveness.

© Karen Kelly


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I Love Tarot. Come with me on a journey of discovery into the gifts of the Tarot and it’s amazing insights, presented in images of symbols, structures, relationships, animals, colours by my intuitive reading – divining meaning.
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4 Responses to The Moon

  1. Mark says:

    It appears to my untutored vision the moon, as a mystic symbol, is at the heart of who we are and are not. A fitting card to start your blog on. Keep it up K.

  2. interesting that we underestimate its effects

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