King of Wands


Positive and Negative Aspects

Inspiration ‘I desire’

Good and fair listener


Focus on his/her own goals

Social responsibility

Quick tempered


Unexpected inheritance

If I can, you can attitude

Can be intolerant


Element: Earth (passive)

Healing colours to wear, representative of King of Wands: are any shades green, rich russet brown and purple.


A time to move forward and clear the way for the new to enter, filled with new knowledge, others may see it as a great benefit too, and move forward with you.

The person who emanates King of Wands may be someone very close to you. He has arrived at this place of being, integrity and reverence through negating self; giving up that which did not serve his higher purpose and leave him/her (could also be a woman) in a place of presence, knowledge & wisdom without emotional consideration.

As wands are connected to business and enterprise, creativity of ideas at this time is flowing with great energy whose movement may affect the people in the areas of theatre, arts, agriculture, psychology, literature and bring growth and success and ‘perhaps’ a corresponding social responsibility.

The King of Wands acting in your life may be that quality of introspection required to get to the bottom of complex relationships. He can be the adjudicator, having no self doubt he gives good advice and cannot be deterred by argument due to his hard won sense of right discrimination, especially where there is apparent injustice.

© Karen Kelly


About grantarot

I Love Tarot. Come with me on a journey of discovery into the gifts of the Tarot and it’s amazing insights, presented in images of symbols, structures, relationships, animals, colours by my intuitive reading – divining meaning.
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