I Love Tarot.

It has been part of my life for at least 30 years, like a faithful old friend, tells me truth often when it’s hard to hear; or softens the blow with whom or what is about to come into my life!

Come with me on a journey of discovery into the gifts of the Tarot and it’s amazing insights, presented in images of symbols, structures, relationships, animals, colours by my intuitive reading – divining meaning.

It’s the same at the beginning of an expedition, you may have plans and plan well, then there is always the unexpected that occurs, events or situations that throw a spanner in the works and it seems your emotions and life are in wild disarray.

Tarot is another way of seeing things and may be of service in these wild times of living life in this often chaotic world we live in.

What is going on in my life, in me? What can I do about it? What’s it all about …

Join the experience and see where it takes us.

You are welcome along.


P.s.. a  little more of love: Cows, bees, trees, bugs, flowers, mother nature in all her beauty and wildness:  painting, cooking, gardening, road trips  and  all kinds of amazing people that come, go.


My simple philosophy;  be life, be well,  be grateful, breath, pause, meditate, “do no harm” and listen.


The painting in the header is one of my paintings ( echoed my love of the area and friendships at this place) Looking out from the deck of a house I was living in at the time, the beautiful and vibrant colours of sunset reflection on the water of Bass Strait (Southern Ocean) towards Tasmania  from  the Australian mainland.


To contact for private readings in Brisbane – click.


5 Responses to About

  1. Mark says:

    I like the presentation. Nice and simple, unpretentious.

    The readings I have had done were always a little on the magical side, which I put down to the reader as much as my own perception. It is the reader who intuits the cards to the person the reading is for, or about. Thanks for the readings K.

    I will drop by now and again to see how this is evolving for you.

    Best … M

  2. rjl2727 says:

    ok Grantarot, i have just got to follow. i have a young writer friend on another site who i’ve never met, but work closely with. she’s into the cards, so i had her read mine several months ago, which i’d never had done before. so i’m following out of interest, though not yet a dyed-in-the-wool believer.

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