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I Love Tarot. Come with me on a journey of discovery into the gifts of the Tarot and it’s amazing insights, presented in images of symbols, structures, relationships, animals, colours by my intuitive reading – divining meaning.

King of Wands

Positive and Negative Aspects Inspiration ‘I desire’ Good and fair listener Attentive Focus on his/her own goals Social responsibility Quick tempered Unyielding Unexpected inheritance If I can, you can attitude Can be intolerant *** Element: Earth (passive) Healing colours to … Continue reading


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Nine of Wands

Positive and Negative Aspects listen attention strength steadfast focused caution possible delay before fruition work and business affairs skilled craftsman make sure your affairs are in order: i.e a will Element: FIRE There is a need for broad shoulders and … Continue reading

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Queen of Swords

Positive/Negative Aspects  -Inner personal strength  -Being open  -No negativity  -Maintaining personal boundaries  -Intellectual  -A scientific person  -Critical  -Prickly attitude Element: AIR One cannot ignore the messages that keep popping up for you to acknowledge in your everyday life, especially if … Continue reading

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The Moon

The Moon: 18 -Subconscious -Unknown -Mirrors -Reflection -Fears -Memories * The Moon sits quietly in the night sky doing it’s thing, reflecting the light from our Sun to give us light in the darkness. We underestimate the effect it has … Continue reading

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