Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords - RiderWaite

Positive/Negative Aspects

 -Inner personal strength

 -Being open

 -No negativity

 -Maintaining personal boundaries


 -A scientific person


 -Prickly attitude

Element: AIR

One cannot ignore the messages that keep popping up for you to acknowledge in your everyday life, especially if you are a Tarot reader.

This particular card has been very persistent and present in a few readings for different people in the past two weeks and then I pulled her again today for this post. I won’t ignore it.

A stately woman seated at her throne holding an upright sword, left arm extended welcoming advancement and beckoning you to approach, or yielding to acknowledgement.

This woman is sensitive to nature and children depicted by appropriate symbols on her throne, in the background windswept trees are bent by persistent winds of change.

This card is representative of woman who has experience of past sorrow and pains, what woman doesn’t. An intellectual Mother too, or motherly figurehead who through her life experience knows what is good and right and true, ‘She’ has no doubt of her inner and outer authority: perhaps divorced or going through a separation or death of form by some other means.

This woman can also be stubborn, questioning, inquiring, suspicious and as prickly as a thorn; all part of her good and bad traits, strengths and presence. Keep your own personal boundaries, present sound argument or debate to support your desires or wishes when approaching a woman with the energy of a Queen of Swords in your life.

The sword is a powerful tool and was used in times past for battle and protection, of oneself and others. Its presence means force, power, potential conflict or confusion – within yourself or situation. Yet holds great power for its possessor. So, a time to stand alone with your ideas, do hard yards and the effort will bear fruit and be fulfilling.

© Karen Kelly


About grantarot

I Love Tarot. Come with me on a journey of discovery into the gifts of the Tarot and it’s amazing insights, presented in images of symbols, structures, relationships, animals, colours by my intuitive reading – divining meaning.
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